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September 30, 2015


Ok I admit it , I'm happy. I am starting to feel like I am in the minority though.

 I was sitting next to a woman at dinner the other night, we had been having a conversation, and out of the blue she asked me," are you always happy? I said, oh! I guess for the most par...

September 28, 2015

I have been wanting to try out this recipe from for Cinnamon Roll Crust. So yesterday was the day, and it's hot out, so the butter is melting really fast. I am in a hurry to roll this crust out before it turns to melted butter. Well the pie tastes great, I...

September 27, 2015






Making Pita Bread today because I really wanted some Pita Chips with my Hummus.The market did not have pitas the last few times I looked. So here I am making them so then, I can cut them up and bake them, to make pita chips. Yes the extent I will go for a pita chi...


Chuck here, blogging about Deby's blog. Like Deby, she has been cooking up a storm. Oh, and the food styling is seriously making her crazy. She is in a online food styling group. I am not sure what they do. I see no hair spray or makeup, just her really old little cam...

September 24, 2015






This is my first time, I think, that I have ever made, home made pudding. It's coco powder and chocolate chips. That's the double wammy. It's rich and so good. I Just had the one in the champagne glass, and Chuck had the wine glass on the right. Wonder if that mea...

September 22, 2015



Not sure if anyone remembers what Chuck said when I wrote about him making me breakfast on Facebook. He said, Deby, leave me out of it. He meant leave him out of my blog and pictures. So far I have left him in both. Don't worry he will get over it. My point is he got...

September 21, 2015

 I am not a big Cake eater, But I love this one and a few others,  the batter is really good to lick off the spoon. It has a nice almond flavor and the cherries make it pretty and add a sweet sour taste. I think it would be nice with blueberries to. Sometimes I use yog...

September 18, 2015

Really, I don't need to look at any more Cinnamon Roll Recipes. This one form is really the best one. The dough is a dream to work with. When I am kneading it, the smell is fantastic. It's the vanilla and sugar inside the dough. I'm not even goi...

September 15, 2015




Just came across this recipe and thought, wow that looks so tropical. The leaf looks like a split leaf Philodendron. Really it's French. But what a cool shape. Right? It's Focaccia, looking all dressed up for the table. Really not to hard to make. The rise time is 1...

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I'm jumping in. I'm not your mother's blogger, oh wait I am. So I thought at 67 I know a little about cooking and baking. I am ready to share my sweet life here in the jungle of Costa Rica. My home away from home. My outside cooking area, eating area, living area. The "rancho" as it's called here in Costa Rica. I live here with my surfer husband of 44 years. We are retired  from California, born and raised.  I cook quite often. If I get bored, I bake and then try to give my goods away. I also sell baked goods to some cafes and folks around here. We really don't need to eat all that sugar.


I learned to cook from my husband's Grandma, Marie, who was from Italy. So of course I love to make Italian food and we love Mexican food also. But I will try to cook anything.  Everything I make has a piece of Grandma Marie in it.  More about her later. 


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