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November 27, 2015

Last Year's Pie


It's all over and it all went so fast. I didn't even take one picture. 

Two Turkeys, Mari's mashed potatoes, my gravy, Wayne's sweet potatoes ( well he brought the cans to me from the US) thanks Wayne, my dressing, Mari's dressing, Howard's famous devile...

November 24, 2015



I am going into my 5th month of Blogging about the food I cook, and my life in the jungle. 

Well, I guess I went Rouge, because everyone in my blog world ( it's small). Oh! I hope you didn't get that song in your head. They are telling me, you have to, I mean you just...

November 23, 2015

I am getting ready for Thankgiving at my house in the jungle. I have to get going on things, so I am starting with Rolls, well the first batch anyway. Even with the high humidity here in the jungle these rolls never fail me. I love to work with this dough. It's easy. I...

November 20, 2015

This cake has a rich chocolate flavor, with a Chocolate cream Icing over the top, and it is over the top. For the jungle I had to change it up a bit. Instead of cream filling I thought Ice Cream would be good. I can not make whip cream with my hand held mixer here in t...

November 17, 2015





Not to sweet and it has a good tart taste, I am using the Costa Rica lemons or limes, never sure witch one is witch. But this cake tastes great so I really don't care. It's so moist because of the yogurt and the first glaze of more lemon and sugar. I have made this...

November 16, 2015

My taste on Nosara continues with Il Peperoni. Run by Kike and Fofo, really great guys. It's mostly Italian. They have a great pizza oven that cooks the pizzas quickly and crispy. I love the focaccia, it has rosemary and garlic on top and it's thin. You are served a re...

November 13, 2015

Mushroom, Potato, Onion and Cheese Quiche. But really it's the Jalapenos in the crust that set it apart. Jalapenos add a spicy taste to the crust and make you notice, Hey the crust is so good not just the egg part. You can add anything you like.


The Crust

1- 1/2 Cups fo...

November 12, 2015

Oh but way to good for kids. Trust me, you will not want to share them. The pastry ( Really Pie Crust) is so flakey and tender and the inside is brown sugar and cimmamon. I am not going to try and write the recipe down for you. Sally's baking addiction recipe is so per...

November 12, 2015




Chuck here, yes it's me back again. Deby is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Got the Turkeys ordered. Sure hope they are not like they used to be when we first got here. Arms and legs straight out. Guess we just weren't used to that. I like Butterball style, legs and...

November 10, 2015

Good old Tacos, fried tortilla, ground beef, tomato, lettuce and cheese. Well I did add Chuck's favorite Cilantro Sauce. And now adays I always fry up corn and flour tortillas, both are so good. 

 The Sauce


2 buches of Cilantro

start with 1/2 Cup of Sour Cream or Yo...

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I'm jumping in. I'm not your mother's blogger, oh wait I am. So I thought at 67 I know a little about cooking and baking. I am ready to share my sweet life here in the jungle of Costa Rica. My home away from home. My outside cooking area, eating area, living area. The "rancho" as it's called here in Costa Rica. I live here with my surfer husband of 44 years. We are retired  from California, born and raised.  I cook quite often. If I get bored, I bake and then try to give my goods away. I also sell baked goods to some cafes and folks around here. We really don't need to eat all that sugar.


I learned to cook from my husband's Grandma, Marie, who was from Italy. So of course I love to make Italian food and we love Mexican food also. But I will try to cook anything.  Everything I make has a piece of Grandma Marie in it.  More about her later. 


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