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April 25, 2016

 I feel so lucky to be able to go to this small farm in the middle of sugar cane and jungle. You go down a beautiful road and over a bridge, find the man with the hat on. He is always happy to see us and so helpful. I show him what I want and he cuts the lettuce or...


Chuck here, ok so maybe it was a mistake to give Deby Chocolate Chips for Valentine's Day. It's not like she doesn't use them all the time, she does. I did take her to the river ( La Boca) for dinner. That river mouth is so awesome and it's always changing. I know she...

February 4, 2016


Loving Life In Healthy, Vibrant Beach-Town Costa Rica

Posted on January 26, 2016 Deby Hogue            I recently wrote this article for International Living

A surf trip…that’s what brought me and m...

January 29, 2016


Chuck here. Well Deby is at it again. Some mornings she wakes up and is immediately at it, and by at it I mean she is cooking at 6:30 AM. She started off with Beans for, I don't know maybe burritos or tostadas. I can smell them first thing in the morning and I incorpo...

January 21, 2016

As I relax my grip and let my shoulders go down and stretch my fingers out. I can stand back and admire my first adult coloring book adventure. I think this was meant to be an exercise in relaxation and to make me feel like I was in somewhat of a Zen experience.

My dear...

December 30, 2015

I can melt chocolate, but this is what melts my heart.

First off I am making a New Years resolution. This is something I don't think I have ever done before. My resolution is, I am going to eat the same stuff I have been eating, but the clincher is. I am going to add so...

December 19, 2015


Olga's beach club, It's kinda a local bar and also a great tourist place. If I was walking the beach and saw this beach bar and restaurant I would think, are kidding me? Picture perfect as in picturesque, you are sitting at rustic tables looking at a beautiful beach w...

December 1, 2015

Costa Rica Sunset before I go.



Since Thanksgiving my cooking has halted. I am not in the mood, I guess to take out another pan or bowl or measuring cup is just to much right now. And it feels so good not cooking, just like when I am cooking, it feels so good. I just n...

November 24, 2015



I am going into my 5th month of Blogging about the food I cook, and my life in the jungle. 

Well, I guess I went Rouge, because everyone in my blog world ( it's small). Oh! I hope you didn't get that song in your head. They are telling me, you have to, I mean you just...

November 16, 2015

My taste on Nosara continues with Il Peperoni. Run by Kike and Fofo, really great guys. It's mostly Italian. They have a great pizza oven that cooks the pizzas quickly and crispy. I love the focaccia, it has rosemary and garlic on top and it's thin. You are served a re...

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I'm jumping in. I'm not your mother's blogger, oh wait I am. So I thought at 67 I know a little about cooking and baking. I am ready to share my sweet life here in the jungle of Costa Rica. My home away from home. My outside cooking area, eating area, living area. The "rancho" as it's called here in Costa Rica. I live here with my surfer husband of 44 years. We are retired  from California, born and raised.  I cook quite often. If I get bored, I bake and then try to give my goods away. I also sell baked goods to some cafes and folks around here. We really don't need to eat all that sugar.


I learned to cook from my husband's Grandma, Marie, who was from Italy. So of course I love to make Italian food and we love Mexican food also. But I will try to cook anything.  Everything I make has a piece of Grandma Marie in it.  More about her later. 


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