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Homemade Ricotta

If I really want Ricotta I have to make it. Remember I'm in the Jungle. It's so easy and so good. Sometimes I will add in basil or pepper or even Jalapenos. I always like it hot. This time it's just the simple and the beautiful. We do have a market, and now and then Ricotta Cheese. Come on now nothing better than homemade. I use this in my stuffed shells.

Reciepe is from


1 gallon milk

1 Cup heavy cream

5 tbl lemon juice (or vinegar in a pinch)

1Teaspoon salt

You will also need Cheesecloth


Put the gallon of milk in a large sauce pan with the cream and the salt. Bring it all to 190 degrees as you stir, you will need a small thermomator. When it reaches 190 take the pan off the heat and quickly add the lemon juice all at once, stir once. Let it set about 10 min. Pour into cheese cloth lined strainer and let it set for 15min. Squeeze out excess mosture and wrap in the cheese cloth and put in fridge. Or if your like me, I love it warm on toast.

After you add the lemon juice it will curdle just like this. Really fast to.

I put it in a cheese cloth lined straner.

The Ricotta bundled up to put in the fridge.

This is where I place the Ricotta on this wheath of basil.

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