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The Sauce (Grandma Marie's)

This sauce, well it's old. Grandam Marie was making this sauce way before I came on the scene in 1970. That's when I met Chuck (my husband) in high school. I know, what a cliche right? Lucky for me it worked out between Chuck and I, for one thing I got to become great friends with his grandma who loved to cook. When I hear people say, "it's no fun to cook for one or just for myself" I think of Marie cooking for herself. She made something different for dinner everyday and, by the way, she made it look great, to that 21 year old girl - me! And that's where the interest began for cooking and loving it.

How to make the sauce:


1 Medium Onion (Chopped)

4 Garlic Cloves or more (Minced)

1-2 teaspoons Red Chili Seeds

3-15oz cans Tomato Sauce

1 Can Tomato Paste

1 Can Cubed Tomatoes

Salt to taste

Olive Oil

2- Italian Sausage ( optional ) I like to use the hot Sausage

Making the sauce

Pour a Tablespoon or so of the Olive Oil into large pan and saute the Onion and Garlic for a few minutes if you are adding the Italian sausage do it now and then add the chili seeds, please do not burn, keep the heat low to medium.

Add the Tomato Sauce, Cubed Tomatoes, Paste and salt to taste. Cook on low heat (simmer) for 2 hrs. You can add Olives or Mushrooms. I use this sauce for pizza to. I freeze the sauce in small containers for pizza.


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