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Words to Make Us Wiser or Spanish 101


For some reason some people love to chop their vacant lots around here in the jungle. I thought it was called a jungle, no trees no jungle. This brings me to a short story about, where in the world is Dueno. Some men were chopping down the whole jungle on a lot across from our home. It was so green and lush. Like a dream. We were very concerned so Chuck asked in his sorta spanish, who's lot is this? And the men said it's Dueno's. We just thought who would do this to a piece of undesturbed jungle unless they were going to build. So now we want to know who this Dueno guy is. We have his name now, right? Well I asked our friend who is this jungle chopping Dueno guy. Turns out Dueno is spanish for owner. And that is how we learn spanish here at our age, one word at a time. Or maybe it's just Chuck and I. Slow learners. This was about three years ago, now we know a few more words.

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