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Grandma Marie's Pizza Dough

Marie's Pizza Dough is fluffy. I love thin dough but sometimes it has to be thick, fragrant, yeasty, great feeling dough. You gotta knead it or be in need of it. Yesterday I needed it.

I had some sauce frozen, so it was all about the dough. It has to rise for 2 or 3 hours. In this jungle heat it does grow fast (oh I gotta show you the tree that is growing on my car, wierd I know, unless you live here) like everything here. So there is a wait time. You can do all kinds of things durning this wait time.

Add what you like on top. Chuck went for the Bullfighter, Chorizo Sausage and Jalapenos. Yes hot.

Me, I go for Olives, green and black, Carmalized Onions, muchrooms stuff like that and hot chili seeds always. You pick. I cut this receipe in half. So I made two beautiful Pizzas but it does make four.

I remember going to Marie's house durning pizza making and she had eight or more pizzas in pans on her table ready for her oven. The smell of it takes me back to her kitchen every time.

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