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Thinking about Spanish Rice

I talked to my sister Sue the other day and she said she had made my Spanish Rice recipe for our Mother. So I haven't stopped thinking about it since than. I might make it tonight with some Chile Rellenos, now the Chili Rellenos are a bit hard to make here (not really hard) because there are no big Chilies. When we go to California for a visit I bring back canned Chilies. I know not the same you say. Well for me in the Jungle they taste so good. Now I am making them stuffed with beans and a little cheese, not just cheese. I like that way better.

Ok the Spanish Rice, it's my very old recipe that has evolved a little. At first ( 30 years ago) I made it with canned chopped tomatoes, garlic and 1 bullion cube, rice and water. One of my sons didn't like the chopped tomatoes in it so now it's tomato sauce or chopped tomatos when he is not around.

It is so easy and for some reason it tastes so good. We love it.

I believe anything you make at home is way better for you than going out for food. With that said, the reason I might not make this tonight is because we might go out for dinner. I don't cook everynight. Get real.

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