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  • Deby Hogue Beautiful photo by Heidi

The Chiles Rellenos to go with the rice I'll make the beans later.

I love these little pillows of egg wrapped chiles, stuffed with cheese and beans.

You can stuff them with anything you want. But remember here in the Jungle

it's hard to find a big pablano chile. Or a small one. So I have to use the Green Chiles in the can,

that I bring back form California. I have tried to bring back beans two times

but both times

I got them taken away at the airport. I love pintos. No pintos here. So I make my

beans with. Oh I'll tell ya next time I make beans.

This is what you need.

2 Cans of whole green chiles or six fresh

5 eggs sparated

1 Tablespoon flour

pinch of salt

Cheese. I used mazarella

Homemade beans or canned ( mashed)

Oil for frying. You will need 1 inch of oil.

Separate the eggs. Mix the yokes with the flour and salt. Set aside.

If using canned chiles ( like I have to) drain . Stuff with a slice of cheese and with a knife put some beans inside chile. Roll in a little flour. No need for a toothpick the flour will glue it together. The flour helps the egg to stick. I think anyway. Lay the chile on a plate and continue with the rest of the chiles. Get your oil very hot. Be careful now. While your oil is heating up use a mixer (hand held) to beat the egg whites into soft peaks. Fold in the egg yokes. Now with your hands dip the cheese stuffed chiles one at a time into the egg fluff and roll it around to cover the whole chile. Gently lay the chile into the hot oil. I can do three at a time. Let cook until golden on the bottom and turn with tongs and spoon.

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