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  • Deby Hogue

Martha Martha Martha

Apricot and Walnut Regelach ( I used Almonds )

Why didn't you tell me that the dough was like cake batter? Or maybe it's because of the super high humidity here in the jungle that I had this problem. So when I put the flour , cream cheese and two sticks of butter in the food processor it just would not come together. I added more flour, and then more flour, the dough was still very soft. I used it anyway, I didn't want to give up Martha. I had to put the dough in the freezer two times so I could get it to work.

End result was not as pretty as yours, but the flavor was there even with the added flour. And I always think, never add to much flour it makes the pastry tuff.

Live and learn. And that is the purpose of my letter to you Martha, I am still learning. Even at 62. Hey, I just figured out how to cut and paste.

One more thing Martha, maybe you just have a better camera than I do. That's why your pictures look better than mine.

This is my first attempt. Not so pretty. Wait until you see Martha's

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