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Sometimes a picture can't say it all

Chuck and I got lucky this week. We were invited to dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday. I do cook quite a lot, so when we are invited over to someones home for dinner, I love it. Tuesday night we went to my friend Svea's home. She was my Spanish teacher. I kind of quit because I am to old for homework (my thinking). But Svea and I remain good friends. And I can get by with my Spanish, sometimes. Having a meal at Svea's is always a treat to the stomach and the eye. First off she is an awesome cook. The pasta she made for us was a creamy and delicious dish with wine and mushrooms and lots of love. Oh! and the squash soup to start with was a taste sensation, with a hint of curry, this to was so creamy and perfect. The eye part of the story is Svea and her family. There is always six or seven people around her table out on the patio. Her daughters new baby that is beautiful, the child she babysits, her family and the children next door playing. Lots of action in a peaceful and beautiful Costa Rican setting. I am so amazed by the way Svea tries so many different things. Teaching languages, babysitting, cooking for her family and enjoying people. She is a great hostess, and a wonderful person. And she sure can cook.

Last night we didn't have to go far. Although it seemed we had been transported to India. Right next door we were treated to a Indian feast. Heidi has been cooking for two days. There was exotic smells floating over to our house, taunting us all day. When the time came to walk next door, Heidi had six or seven different dishes set out for us and a candle lit table, and a little rain in the background. Each dish had a different flavor. I don't know the names of the dishes. I'll have to ask Heidi. But it was a fantastic dinner. I do remember the name of the cheese in one dish, Paneer, she made the cheese in the saucey dish. And she also made samosa's, I love those little pockets of potato and something else really good inside.There certainly was a lot of love in each dish and Chuck and I really appreciated it all. Oh, and one of her guests brought the best passion fruit with ginger ice cream, served in the passion fruit cup. Outstanding!.

Really these two people, Svea and Heidi should have a food blog. And I should have a better camera. Coming in November or December.

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