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Stepping back in time

After getting to Merida Mexico at 2:30 in the morning and the hotel telling us, sorry we don't have a room for you. What?? I confirmed! They sent us to a different hotel for the night, I mean morning, and they paid for our room. It all worked out. What a unreal place to visit. I loved the old homes, some of them are two hundred years old and others were three hundred years old. My favorite home was Francisco Montejo's, it is almost 500 years old. Look at the history, he wasn't exactly a good guy when it came to the Maya. But the town is so beautiful with cathedrals and large old homes that are now hotels or restaurants. Some are still homes. We went to eat, but stayed for the walks at night in the squares, cold beers, margaritas, mezcal, people watching, Maya ruins and everything else that was old.

The red round cheese ( Edam form Holland) I have been looking for this exact cheese for around 12 years now. I think I find it ! and then, it's not it. We first had it on a trip to Belize with Sue and Steve (my sister and her husband). So when we saw it, we bought it, and a small piece to eat right away. Salty and a little hard, and so good. We just ate it with some small tortillas being made on the spot. I also bought the hibiscus flowers for tea, and the chiles, three kinds so I could made Chili Colorado and some pumpkin seed paste for, well I gotta figure that one out. Tonight I will make chicken on the grill with the annatto or Achiote powder. I'll show ya later. The cheese made it to the Caribbean coast on a Dutch ship blown off course, I guess the rest is another history.


This is a dish they call queso relleno, it is the whole round of Edam Cheeses stuffed with ground beef, and then sliced. It is laying on a bed of green chaya sauce and a red sauce (?) with rasins and almonds on top. Chuck loved it.

Three hundred year old home, turned into a place for art and coffee. In the background is a hammock made out of the henequen by a local artist.

Chaya soup, with the awesome cheese on top. Chaya is like spinach.

Oh the cheese, and chiles and flowers for tea and pumpkin seed paste. The annotto to.

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