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Grandma Marie's White Spaghetti

Grandma Marie's White Spaghetti

I call this Italian comfort food. When Chuck and I want something super spicy ( you can make it as spicy as you want) we always say white spaghetti. Grandma Marie made this and so did my mother in law Joann. Others in the family make it also. It is very addicting.

My Recipe

1 whole head of garlic chopped ( you can use less but why)

6 red chilies ( I use kitchen scissors to cut into small pieces ( you can use less)

pinch of salt

1 Tablespoon of butter

1/4 Cup or so of olive oil

1/2 lb. Spaghetti

Saute the garlic and chilies in the olive oil and butter, try not to brown it to much. A little is OK. Boil the pasta. When done to your liking add the pasta to the pan with the chilies and garlic. If you need to add a little pasta water and salt. Stir, be prepared for a taste of comfort. Although hot!! We had a salad with ours.

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