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No cooking today. Just enjoying the beauty of the jungle and ocean. The jungle and the ocean change everyday. Today at the beach I noticed the sand change. To the untrained eye, one might not notice these things. But being a sand connoisseur that I am, the change is obvious. In

some places, where it was all rock. It's gone, totally covered with sand and no one would known that they are walking on solid rock covered with sand. Pink sand, I might add.

The ocean, the color changes during the day from sea foam green to cobalt blue. From good surf to not so good. One thing remains the same, it is always beautiful. Like the sunset. I have never seen a bad sunset. Sunny or cloudy, always spectacular.

The jungle now is every shade of green. I see walls of green around our house. Gotta love green to live here this time of year. I don't even want to talk about the bug of the day. That changes to. So I guess for me, change is good. I'm not talking about the bugs.

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