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Flaunting my Flautas

Seasoned chicken, tequila, flour tortillas. All rolled up and fried. Oh my!

I love to make these to take to a party, and yesterday was that day. A friend of ours was having a 50's 60's pool party. Don't worry I will not be putting on my suit and jumping in with the 30 somethings. They look way to cute. I will just put my food out and watch the fun. I will only flant my flautas.

These are like taquitos, but made with a flour tortilla, Makes a different kind of curnch.

I put whole chicken breasts in a pan with a small amount of olive oil. Added, chopped garlic, onion, salt and pepper to the pan. Oh, and hot chili seeds. Cooked until done and a bit browned. I deglazed the pan with tequila. Shredded the chicken, and put a medium amount of the chicken on a flour tortilla. Rolled it up and placed it seam side down on a cookie sheet, until I was ready to fry. No need for a toothpick. Fry for about 2 min. per side. Just keep checking. Brown is good, burnt is not. Lay on paper towel and add a little salt to each one. Make your own guacamole and salsa and enjoy.

Getting ready to fry

Keep turning

Rae and I

These girls, they make living in the jungle fun.

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