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Beans are not very photogenic, but so good for you.

To me a good bean is hard to come by. I want a bean that is turned into something creamy and tasty, and just made for a burrito. Made right ( ok I left out the lard) just beans and maybe a little cheese, can be a beautiful thing all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla. I still dream of, and now will pay ( it goes up every year) $20.00 for the bean and cheese burrito form the Mexicatessen in the Norwalk Square. I know it's gone. But a girl can dream right? So, my beans are good, I would say, and creamy and have lots of flavor. Really all they are is. Beans, onions, garlic,1 chicken bouillon cube 1 chipotle chili and water. Oh and time. I use these beans for burritos, tostadas, bean dip, huveos rancheros. And like this morning, corn tortilla fried just a little bit with my beans on top with a little cheese, fried egg, and avocado. I used red beans, but you know I love pintos.

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