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This little oven of mine

I just wanted to stop cooking for a moment, and talk about the oven I use. It's outside in the elements, it's a little rusty now after eight years. A raccoon got the oven door open while we were on vacation and tore the rubber gasket on the inside. It still works. A pizote (an animal that is like a raccoon but bigger with a long nose) got on top of the stove and pulled back the coils and all most broke them off. Chuck cut a piece of wood for me and we put a piece of oil cloth on top so it looked nice and would stay clean. And as you can see in the pictures that my cats love laying on the top of the wood while I am not cooking. Seems everything loves this oven as much as I do.

This little oven has seen a lot of life go by, here in the jungle under our Rancho. It's electric, I had never used an electric oven before, had to get used to that, and I did. Like so many things here in the Jungle, you get used to it or you don't. You adapt or you don't.

Yes, it's different here, and for me that is the draw. Challenge # 27 up next.

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