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Paths and Potholes

Paths and Potholes

This path to our small market. We love to use it, first it's a short cut, but it's jungle, it's green and a little spooky at night, even with a small flashlight. Well, maybe it's just me. But there are lots of vines and trees above, could have a snake in the trees or vines. Right? One of my favorite paths is the one from our beach to the other beach. You have to go up and over a hill. At the top of the path I always look at both sides. You can see both beaches at the same time and there is always a cooler breeze, just a bit at the top. I think this is where I will have Chuck build our next home. At the top with the breeze. Oh it's not for sale. Ok Ok.

Our regular morning walk, has just a slight problem. Which side of the path should we take? Really it boils down to, is the left side more muddy than the right. Because I have slipped there way more than once. Hey I don't want to break a hip.

There are a few rules of mud ( never thought I would be such a good reader of mud, but I am) one is Never look up while walking. Oh no. If you see a monkey or a beautiful bird. Stop. Then look up, or you will slip and fall, like me. Hey, paths this time of year are very muddy. Yes I have learned all this the hard way. Also try not to walk on small rolling rocks, or leaves that look wet. Yes, I slipped on them once to.

You can't really miss a pothole. Some are as large as a VW. One time Chuck and I were driving someplace and Chuck almost hit a pig. The pig popped up at the last second and we just missed him. Pig in a Pothole. That just might be the name of my next pork recipe.

Sue (my sister) and I were walking one morning and I slipped in a pothole up to my chin. Almost got the muddy water in my month, because I was laughing so hard.

What are your walks through life like?

This is the path to our little market. The short cut.

Sandy path to the beach.

The path on top. Would love to have a home here.

The other side of the hill. The other beach.

Some paths lead to the most awesome sites. This is something out of the Lord of the Rings.

And then the Potholes.

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