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Part 1 of Chuck's Blog

Chuck here, blogging about Deby's blog. Like Deby, she has been cooking up a storm. Oh, and the food styling is seriously making her crazy. She is in a online food styling group. I am not sure what they do. I see no hair spray or makeup, just her really old little camera and some white plates, she had to buy 2 white plates, just 2. We can't even use them for her dinners, they are 2 different sizes. She is also in an online group called Launchladies, What do you think that means? Oh I can picture it, and I'm sure it's not what I think it is. She blogs, launches, styles and cooks. Great Deby. She is making these cakes, Hell, I don't even like cake. Make a steak Deby. What about biscuits and gravy.? No, it's got to be a layered eggplant and cheese thing that you can't even cut. Ok Ok, she does make that stuff for me now and then, but she said it's not healthy for me. Like Cake is? I think she is having a good time though, and if all this cooking and baking leads to some Chili Colorado next week ( I saw her styling a bunch of dried chiles on the white plates, she got the chilis in Mexico) then it's all fine with me. Go get em Deby. Love Chuck

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