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Jalapeño Hummus with homemade Pita Chips

Making Pita Bread today because I really wanted some Pita Chips with my Hummus.The market did not have pitas the last few times I looked. So here I am making them so then, I can cut them up and bake them, to make pita chips. Yes the extent I will go for a pita chip. Crazy. Right? But that is exactly what I love to have with my hummus. I always leave out the tahini because I just don't like the flavor. I do like Jalapeño in it though. And I use the canned garbanzos. First it's a fast snack, and second it's always a little softer then when I make the dried beans myself.

My Hummus Recipe

One can garbanzo beans, save some of the water

1 or 2 cloves garlic

Lemon I use about 1/2 of the lemon

salt to taste

Olive Oil

Put this all in the food processor until smooth.

The recipe for Pita Bread is everywhere on the internet. Just pick the one you like. Most are the same. Is this bad?

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