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6 and 1/2 things I don't do and I'm still happy.

Ok I admit it , I'm happy. I am starting to feel like I am in the minority though.

I was sitting next to a woman at dinner the other night, we had been having a conversation, and out of the blue she asked me," are you always happy? I said, oh! I guess for the most part I am. She said, I am a forever pessimist, I said, I love a good pessimist. Then I asked myself, Do I act to happy? Should I tone it down? Tone what down? Fake like I am not a happy person? I kinda felt a little guilty.

Then I started to think about all the things I don't do, and I'm still happy

1. I don't read self help books.

2. I'am not in a drumming group

3 .I don't even meditate

4. I don't self medicate, although I do love a good Gin and Tonic

5. I don't search for the meaning of life

6. I don't eat to live, I live to eat

1/2. And sometimes I don't remember things like, what I was going to say here. And that's ok.

My point is. Can't a person just be happy without feeling like the outsider. Don't people think us happy people have a heart? Ok, now I am going to start a group on Face Book maybe. We are the happy, be nice to us.

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