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Bear Claws in the round

Puff Pastry is so hard to handle in the jungle, but this is my third time trying and I use a different recipe each time. I really liked this one. It came together fast, ( it's gotta be fast here because of the humidity) without the butter melting. I used Almond Paste that Heidi brought back from California for me. Don't worry Graham and Heidi got their share or the goodies. I used a recipe form Check out her tutorial on quick puff pastry. I really works. So inside is the almond paste the whole tube, powdered sugar and egg white. Simple, right? The way I made it, it's just like a bear claw. I love bear claws. And you get all the beautiful layers in the dough.

The Filling

1 egg white

2/3 Cup Almond Paste

3/4 Cup powdered sugar

I added the sliced almonds by the handful. To your liking.

Mix eggwhite, alomond paste and powdered sugar together with a mixer until smooth. Set aside or put in the fridge until ready. Add the almonds on top.

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