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Capturing Wild Yeast in the Jungle

Fellow me, if you dare into the life of Wild Yeast. Yes I said Wild Yeast. If you can picture it. Me running through the jungle with a butterfly net in hand, capturing the wild yeast. It's in the air! Are you crazy? There's snakes in the jungle. Besides I could break a hip. So, I will be in my kitchen with a little flour and some water and lots of time. I really want to make some Sour dough bread. Oh, I could use the store bought yeast, and I do lots of times. But lets just see if it turns out. I have made it before and used it once, but I got tired of feeding it all the time. Yes you have to feed it. It's alive.

It's all about the bacteria that is in the air. You really should read up on Wild Yeast. I don't want to write all about, I just want to make it. So come along, it should be very exciting to see the yeast in action. Better yet to see the bread. Fail or no fail. I am in it up to my floury hands.

I will try to make this borning process exciting. This is the first step, day 1, I mixed the flour and water together and now I wait for the yeast to find my bowl sitting outside in the jungle. I bet I get ants before I get wild yeast. 24 hours and I should see bubbles. Now that will be exciting.

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