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Day 7 of capturing the Wild Yeast

Day 7 of the Wild Yeast, update

Well, it's still thin. Some people tell me to add a bit of fruit, like grapes or pineapple. But then some of the professional sourdough starter folks say, the kind of yeast that is on fruit is not the same that is on flour, so all it will do is give a quick boost and they say, just be patient. Me be patient, well of course they don't know me. So maybe I will add the fruit. Not sure yet. I am still in for the long haul, but at some point I might start over with a different kind of flour. And where can I buy Rye flour? Here in the jungle? Some people start with Rye flour because it gets it started faster also. Man am I learning a lot about this project that may or may not work. Going to the market to get Pineapple and some Grapes. To eat of course.

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