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Now I'm styling my food, I'm trying anyway

Styling my food

Why I ever thought I could do it in the first place is beyond me. Styling food that is. You need to cook your food before the sun goes down. Best light. Get the food on a white or pretty plate, no drips, and make sure it looks beautiful. And then ask people in this group to cirque your picture. Needless to say I haven't gotten rave reviews. Maybe this was the start of my bad styling. When Chuck and I started out 42 years ago. I would pick something out for our living room, like a couch. It always started out with a couch. Our first one was given to us. The next time, around 1980 it was when black lacquer was in ( to me anyway) so I had to have this couch with black lacquer on the arms. Oh, I had to have the coffee table to match, all black lacquer and glass top. I though it looked very art deco. Well, it didn't. Had to have the huge black lacquer mirror to go over the couch to. I liked it for about a day. Then I said this looks like a Doctor's waiting room. It did. Chuck was so good he didn't say I told you so. Then. We moved from that house and into a house that Chuck built. I had to get a new couch, we left the old one with the old house. This time I was really into country. The couch we (I) picked was from a small piece of fabric. I am sure that was the problem. It was green and beige plaid. Oh and Chuck needed a recliner. Same fabric. Not good. To much beige. We lived with it until our oldest son Casey moved back in for a short while. He said you guys need a new couch and by the way take down the huge picture of him and his brother. Bossy, Art Director now. So we did and we ended up with a leather couch. It looked great, I didn't pick it out. So to think I can style food is, well I am sure my pictures will look better when I get this new camera I keep talking about. At that time I might be excepted back into all the food styling groups I was in. Hey Chuck, I think we need a new couch.

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