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Grandma Marie's Baked Mac and Cheese

My food, my story

Our family cannot have a family get together (unless it's pasta) without this Mac and Cheese. It's just gotta be there on the table. We all expect it. And I think most of us would be very sad if it wasn't there. It's soft in the inside and we like it very crisp on the top. Good and browned. Someone will always take a piece or two of the top before it's served. The secret ingredient is evaportated milk. When I first started dating Chuck 45 years ago and he would take me to his Grandma's house for dinner, this was on the table. Along with my favorite Mustard Greens. Now today the next generation is making this Mac and Cheese. I am sure there will be some new twists or turns with this dish. But I bet not much.

1-lb elbow macaroni

Chadder Cheese at least 3 cups maybe more

1 can ( or one small can and one large) about 1 and1/2 cups evaporated milk. More for creamer Mac.

1 egg



Boil water and add the macaroni boil until almost done. Drain. Put a layer of the mac on the bottom of a greased with cooking spray 13x9 in. pan. Lay half of the cheese on the mac, add the rest of the mac on top of cheese and add more cheese to cover the mac. Dot with butter, I put three pats of butter across the pan all over. Mix the condensed milk and egg together, pour over all the mac and cheese. Add the pepper all over and bake until browned on top about 1 hour. Enjoy

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