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Restaurant Un Reviews

My sometime series and un reviews ( meaning, I will not say anything bad, I gotta live here) of the many restaurants here in the jungle, and there are many. Probably the farthest out of our main little town is La Dulce Vida. Italian for sure, owned and run by the infamous Roberto. Also Italian for sure, and maker of beautiful Cheese Rain. You start off with crusty focaccia bread and some garlic and oil mix and some spicy vinegar mix of small chopped veggies to put on top of the focaccia. It's hard to stop eating this.

When your meal is served, Roberto will come over to your table and ask if you would like some beautiful cheese grated over your food. Of course!! So he proceeds to make a rain of cheese over your meal until you say stop. It's his voice and accent and his way of making you feel special. That makes him special.

We usually pick this restaurant for Birthdays and Anniversaries. Last night it was our friend Ron's Birthday and he invited us along. We had wine, Chianti. I had the arugula and cheese ravioli with arugula salad on top. Chuck had the lasagna This restaurant is somewhat inclosed, unlike almost all the restaurants in town. Most are all open with a large Rancho cover over the top and open on most of the sides to the awesome night air. We were vary happy. And Roberto always ends the meal with his home made Limoncillo. Everyone had a good time.

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