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Chuck Blogging, me being Chuck being me.

Chuck here, yes it's me back again. Deby is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Got the Turkeys ordered. Sure hope they are not like they used to be when we first got here. Arms and legs straight out. Guess we just weren't used to that. I like Butterball style, legs and arms tucked in. Anyway she is planning away, Casey our oldest son will be with us this year, so that's great. She will be making her Mother's dressing well I guess it was her Grandmother's dressing first. It's different, and everyone loves it.

This picture is of my latest broken surfboard art. I have been repairing surfboards for beer money. The boards that come in unrepairable are made into surf art. Better than going into the landfill. So Deby and I keep ourselves busy. Pura Vida

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