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My taste on Nosara

My taste on Nosara continues with Il Peperoni. Run by Kike and Fofo, really great guys. It's mostly Italian. They have a great pizza oven that cooks the pizzas quickly and crispy. I love the focaccia, it has rosemary and garlic on top and it's thin. You are served a red chile seed and rosemary infused oil that we like to put on everything. The pizza is the thin crust type and you can order many different kinds. The salads never let me down. I really like the Ceaser. We have tried many of the pastas, all are satisfying. It's a good idea to order several kinds of dishes and share. Our friend the other night had the tuna carpaccio, he loved it. Of course there was Pepperoni pizza on our table also. Oh, and you can get a huge Casado if your not in the mood for Italian. Great atmosphere, it's outside with a large rancho over the top just in case it rains. They have a brick grilling area for steaks. Very kid friendly.

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