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Last year's pie

Last Year's Pie

It's all over and it all went so fast. I didn't even take one picture.

Two Turkeys, Mari's mashed potatoes, my gravy, Wayne's sweet potatoes ( well he brought the cans to me from the US) thanks Wayne, my dressing, Mari's dressing, Howard's famous deviled eggs and his marinated cucumbers, RaeChelles awesome green beans, every bodies wine, My pumpkin pie and pumpkin cake. Chris's beautiful pumpkin cheese cake. My rolls, and last but of course not least, the only dish that someone needed the recipe for. ( the big guy that had to have the whole giant turkey leg) Wayne wanted the recipe for the vegetarian nut loaf, made by Heidi, and it was very good, with the gravy and the broccoli gratin. It was an awesome dinner, with friends in the jungle, 20 of them. Chuck and I are thankful for being able to enjoy this part of our lives with these new friends. And Casey being here made it even better. And the picture is of last years pie.

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