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Costa Rica Sunset before I go.

Since Thanksgiving my cooking has halted. I am not in the mood, I guess to take out another pan or bowl or measuring cup is just to much right now. And it feels so good not cooking, just like when I am cooking, it feels so good. I just needed a break. So now next time I cook it will be cookingingcalifornia for a short while. Just think ( might be hard to imagine for some) when I walk into a market, it's just like going to Disneyland, everything is so bright and shiny. So many chooses of flour, sugar, vanilla beans and breads lots and lots of bread. The veggies, so much to think about. I am not sure what I will make first. Oh, and I want to make something. Like buttering a really good slice of Sourdough bread toasted to perfection. Or for sure Rye toast. Next a good Bagel. Butter and Cream Cheese. Yes I am going all out here. I need to lose 3 more pounds so I can use more butter. I get butter here in Costa Rica, it's the stuff you put it on that counts. So I'll be cooking up some things I don't get here in Costa Rica. Family and Friends, any suggestions?

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