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Chuck's Blog, dam it's cold out.

Chuck here, yes I am sorta Bah Humbug. My grandson had to go and be born on December 5th. of all times of the year. I love you Ethan but come on man you could have picked June or July, right? It's warmer. So now I am in the middle of all this Christmas Cheer. And it's cold and I forgot my sweats. Hell, I don't even want sweats. Deby is spending money. I just want to go to Foamez to get surf repair stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mother in Law as I sit on her couch. And my Mother of course. But it's cold. I get to see my sons today and that's cool for sure. But it's cold. Deby made a meat loaf for her mother last night and she loved it, me to, I do love Deby's meat loaf and mashed potatoes and she doesn't make it to often. She says it's not good for me. How does she know, she doesn't even eat it. Amazing it tastes so good. The oven was on and it felt great. I stood by it with the oven door open. I bought some Fire Ball and had a few shots, because it's cold out. And it was Fire Ball Friday. All and all on my second day here, it's good and I had a Ruben sandwich that was so great, and I had been thinking about that sandwich for awhile. Really it's always nice to see family and friends, but dam it's cold out.

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