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Home for the holidays

Warm Ginger Bread Cake with warm Carmel Sauce. It was rich and sweet and so comforting.

Recipe from The Baker Upstairs

It's so fun and enjoyable to be home for the holidays. We are traveling quite a lot. From my Mother's to Chucks Mother's and then to our Son's to see our Grandson and then we do it all over again. At my Mother's, my sister and I were asked by our 86 almost 87 year old mother to help her light her Hanukkah lights. She has a electric menorah in her window. I know! She wanted us to screw in number four light bulb in the the line up. We did it and said a prayer that we remembered form our youth. My Mother was more than pleased. A daughter on each side of her saying a prayer and screwing in the light bulb of the Menorah. Yes we are still making memories. At my Mother in Laws house I wanted to show off my cooking skills by making candied ginger short bread cookies, dipped in chocolate. The candied ginger was $ 11.00. in a very small jar. These cookies were a "epic fail". And everyone was nice about it. My sister in law was not happy. She wanted her cookies. Now I have to come up with something else to show off my baking skills. I think it will be warm ginger bread cake with Carmel sauce. I know it sounds so good. I'll let ya know how this dessert will turn out. During all these festivities Chuck and I made Dr. appointments while we are here. Well, my blood pressure was through the roof and the Doctor said he is proscribing meds to take while I am here. Not sure why this is happening to me. It's usually so low in Costa Rica. Might be from the salt on the margarita I had the night before. I can't tell I am so calm, really. Well sorta, gotta go off to, not sure, the kids or the in laws house. We call it the triangle. Oh joy.

That's my Mom

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