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Olga's Beach Bar

Olga's beach club, It's kinda a local bar and also a great tourist place. If I was walking the beach and saw this beach bar and restaurant I would think, are kidding me? Picture perfect as in picturesque, you are sitting at rustic tables looking at a beautiful beach with a blow hole to the left and rock formations in the ocean on the right and a nice little wave with local surfers in the middle. The view cannot be better, oh wait did I say you need a cold beer in your hand. I mean cold. Olga's has cold beer and other cocktails. And the sunset, most of my sunset pictures, well 99 percent of them are from this beach. And I think they are spectacular. We see the green dot often. Olga's has food also. The casado is always good. But I love to sit bar side and order up some bocas ( appetizers ) The panacones ( fried and smashes plantains) are so crispy and they come with beans and salsa. The menu is full of good chooses. From fish tacos to the whole fried fish. But really for me it's that beautiful beach and the many new friends that we have meet there every week, to sit and talk with and hear all the new and old gossip. And there is lots of that in this small town.

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