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Grandma Marie's Mustard Greens

For over 43 years with my husband, this has been a family favorite. When I first met the family at dinner parties this was always on the table. When asked by my mother in law if I wanted to try Mustard Greens I said yes. To the families disappointment, I loved them. They were hoping I didn't like them. More for them.

Grandma Marie would wait for the Mustard Greens to flower their yellow flowers around our town in empty lots. So one time she asked me to go along with her on her Mustard Green picking adventures. I said yes, no one else wanted to go, come on now people could see you in empty lots picking weeds. I guess I didn't think about that. It made her so happy that someone wanted to go picking. I think that is why the family liked me. Well, picking Mustard Greens is time consuming, first you pick in muddy fields and put them in pillow cases ( that's what she used) and then take them home and now you have to wash all these Greens. Grandma Marie would wash them in the sink and rinse and rinse. They are full of dirt, so you have to rinse them many times. Cut them into pieces and then the good part starts.

Put a small amount of olive oil in the pan. A large one. Add some chopped up garlic and lots of hot chili pieces, I cut the chilies up with scissors, it's just easier for me this way. Cook on low heat just for a few minutes until the garlic and chilies have time to soften and then add some of the greens and a cup of water, a small amount at a time until they cook down. Add salt and pepper.Then add more greens until you put all your greens in the pan.

You have to use quit a bit of greens because they all cook down to a small amount. Make a lot so you can eat them for a few days. My take anyway. Use as many chilies as you like. For us, more is better. I used 5 bunches for this patch ( yes from the market not the vacant lots) and I added 8 whole, yes 8 whole red chilies. And my son Niles said, you really could have made the greens hotter. Grandma Marie would be happy.

We didn't just have Mustard Greens. Oh the roast beast. Prime Rib and to much more.

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