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What good is a Resolution?

I can melt chocolate, but this is what melts my heart.

First off I am making a New Years resolution. This is something I don't think I have ever done before. My resolution is, I am going to eat the same stuff I have been eating, but the clincher is. I am going to add something new to make and eat at least once a month.

The Blog is making me do this. I have now been blogging for 5 months and I am still having a good time with this. It's fun to see which blogs posts get the most reached. I can never predict which one will. The ones I think are funny or the best looking food pictures are not necessarily the ones people like. And I gotta say, I like that.

Funny, the one post with Casey ( my son) in the picture, it was about one of the little Soda's (small restaurant in Costa Rica) got the most likes. And that was a short post. So I think the posts with my handsome husband, sons or grandson will work for me really well this new year. And I am not above using them. As you know I have been using Chuck (my husband) for some time now, and he always gets the likes. My food on the other hand is just the fluff of the blog. Or maybe the guys are the fluff. I don't know. Although it is called cookinginthejungle for goodness sake. So I will continue to cook, because I love to, and blog about our life here in the jungle. A new year and a new recipe to find and try out. Keep eating! Because I will. I just need to find people to try out my food, that I cook on a daily basis. Chuck is over the sweets. Who wants some?

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