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Ginger Cookies, soft and chewy with bits of Crystallized Ginger

Great day to bake....... Outside of course.

Soft and Chewy Ginger Cookies with Crystallized Ginger would go great with the bean and cheese burritos in the kids lunch.

I have been wanting to make Ginger Cookies for sometime now. Oh I did make some over the holidays, they didn't turn out at all. So now here I am trying a different recipe. I have to use this Crystallized Ginger, It was so expensive. I cut the Ginger into tiny pieces with my kitchen scissors. My sister and her husband are here so I won't eat them all my self. Chuck will eat maybe one or two and then he is done.

Recipe is adapted from the Browned Eyed Baker and I sending you to her site because she will show you beautiful pictures. But please come back. Enjoy

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