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Keeping it simple no knead bread and planting some seeds

I just planted some tomatoes, arugula and basil. Now if only the bugs, leaf cutter ants or iguanas don't eat everything, all will be well. I sure hope so. It's so hard to grow veggies here in the jungle. Now, it's funny but every other kind of plant will grow in my yard. In almost all rock. My plants look beautiful. It's food that is so hard to grow here. But every year I try. Chuck built me this covered garden to keep out most large animals but the bugs can still get in. I have been composting the dirt for a couple of years now and this year it seems pretty good. So I went for it. I planted seeds right in the ground. Last year I used starter pots. I had medium luck. Well at least I had tomatoes and arugula. Basil usually does ok. I made lots of pesto last year. So I am keeping it very simple with these three types of seeds. We will see and I will keep ya posted. But in the mean time I am trying this simple no knead bread. Can't wait to use my basil to make pesto to put on home made toasted bread. So good. Ok I just took the bread out of the oven. Impressed!! I had three taste tasters and all three gave it a thumbs up. It was Chuck, my sister Sue and Steve my brother in law. And they all have known me long enough to tell me if the bread was not good. I only baked half of the dough. With this recipe you can bake it within seven days, and the longer you let it set in the fridge the better the flavor, so they say. I'll let ya know on that one to. The crust was crisp and inside tender. You have to, you just have to put lots of butter on top. Enjoy. The recipe is from King Aurthor Flour. The recipe didn't say to put it in a cast iron pan I just wanted to try that.

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