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Sometimes I cook and once in a while I color.

As I relax my grip and let my shoulders go down and stretch my fingers out. I can stand back and admire my first adult coloring book adventure. I think this was meant to be an exercise in relaxation and to make me feel like I was in somewhat of a Zen experience.

My dear 87 year old Mother bought every women in our family a new coloring book so we could all have a reflective moment while we colored away. I haven't asked any of the other women in the family how much it made them relax. Don't get me wrong I loved it, can't you tell by my picture.? Hell it had shells on it. But I have to admit I was tensed up and in a hurry (nothing different there) to finish. It took me about four times to finish, it would have been less time but my fingers were getting numb. I will for sure color more, after I have relaxed a bit. And why is this picture so blurry?

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