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Deby's Crazy Days

Chuck here. Well Deby is at it again. Some mornings she wakes up and is immediately at it, and by at it I mean she is cooking at 6:30 AM. She started off with Beans for, I don't know maybe burritos or tostadas. I can smell them first thing in the morning and I incorporate the smell into my dreams. That women! So I get up, and now she is in full swing with making a Coffee Cake for the new neighbors Laura and Dan. It's like a 1950's dream. Didn't people do that then? Take a cake to the new neighbors. Now I am awake. Next up on her agenda is Passion Fruit Bars to take to our friends Heidi and Graham's house tonight . Is it just me, or is she really crazy hyper? You would think I would know after 43 years. Lots of smells coming from our house this morning. Dam I Love her. Well off to surf for me. I'm afraid to see what I will come home to. Hey Deby, I thought we were on a diet.

Guess what? When I got home she had made this chocolate candy stuff, like almond roca. What a day. Oh, I am the clean up man. So don't think I don't help her out. I do

Whole beans and blended beans.

The smell of Coffee Cake in the morning. Deby saved me this peice.

I could not stop tasting this passion fruit curd. So smooth.

Candy Dandies

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