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Bean and Cheese Burritos for the kids breakfast or lunch

Bean recipe found on my site.

You can make the beans and burritos on the weekend and have ready 12 or more burritos for the kids during the week, for breakfast or lunch. I freeze theses and I'll take 1 or 2 out and let defrost and cook in microwave or put in a pan with a tiny amount of olive oil or butter and brown on each side and then put a fried egg on top. Kids can take these to school for lunch if they can heat them up. Or take them out at night and put in fridge for the next morning. Healthy and quick. It's just beans and cheese, I add the hot sauce, of course. Enjoy

No meat mondays.

You can use foil or wax paper to wrap them in before freezing.

I just had to eat one while I was making them

Into the freezer.

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