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Cantaloupe and Vanilla Ice Cream Pops

Fresh Cantaloupe and Vanilla Ice Cream Popsicles

You need to make these! Great combo. When I was a little girl, our neighbors down the street would cut a Cantaloupe in half and add a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream in the center and hand them out for dessert. So this was the inspiration for this Popsicle. I am always thinking about Popsicles when it's supper hot out. Remember I am in Costa Rica. My Popsicle list is growing. I kinda styled this photo, don't ya think?

I used one whole Cantaloupe cut up in chunks, put them into my food processor ( or blender) and get it all smooth. Poured the Cantaloupe juice into the molds ( got mine on Amazon) and now freeze solid. But Before the juice is to solid put in the ice cream stick. Freeze. Melt your ice cream and pour on top of Cantaloupe. Freeze. Enjoy. I think the Ice Cream would be better first. It melts faster than the Cantaloupe. So try pouring in the Ice Cream first and then the Cantaloupe.

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