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Chuck Blogs

Chuck here, ok so maybe it was a mistake to give Deby Chocolate Chips for Valentine's Day. It's not like she doesn't use them all the time, she does. I did take her to the river ( La Boca) for dinner. That river mouth is so awesome and it's always changing. I know she loves it there, so we went to the new, old restaurant down there. It was very good and you can't beat the view. We had a great time with some friends. Next year I think I will get Deby some Wild Yeast form San Francisco, so she can finely make the dam Sour Dough Bread she keeps talking about. Remember she tried to catch the Wild Yeast in the air? Well if you read her blog you know how that went for her. She is a good sport though, she keeps trying new things. Maybe she should try something new with Chocolate Chips, now that would be different. I don't even like Chocolate Chips in anything. Don't tell Deby. I did like her Jalapeño Jelly she made me for Valentin's Day. Really everything she makes I love, especially her.

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