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To cook or not to cook?

I need help fellow food bloggers. What do you do when you know it's time to lose a few pounds? Stop cooking? Stop baking? What about the pictures I need, yes pictures I need to post, of food? No one wants to see my lettuce sandwich. No one wants to see my hard boiled egg for breakfast. Help! Do I just cook and give it all away? I think Chuck and I should go to Club Med to start the Mediterranean Diet. That's where it all started, right?

So far, for my Mediterranean diet, I started off by eating the jar of Kalamata Olives, they say they are so good for you. Yes they are and here in Costa Rica they were eight bucks a jar, so I did not want to waste them. I made stuffed bell peppers, I stuffed them with Butternut Squash and I made some Ricotta Cheese and some Marinara Sauce, I have been cooking all morning. Good excercise right? I put it all in the bell pepper. Also I am going to put a fried egg on top. 350 calories. Chuck said that sounds good. Now it's time to eat and he says really, that does not sound good, it needs ground beef in it. OK, do you want to lose a few pounds or not, I say. He is such a meat eater. Now I'm mad. So I make some for me. He takes a bite. Yes it's good. But he is still a big baby about no meat in the stuffed bell pepper. He'll live. Maybe even longer. Don't worry we saved calories for a cold beer tonight. Or two.

4 small bell peppers

I made 1/2 of my rocitta cheese recipe!Homemade-Ricotta/cmbz/64C30E21-20B5-4F17-A0C7-EEA82EF85A9A

1 medium Butternut Squash I cut half of the squash into dice and sauted it in a little olive oil until tender.

1 Cup my sauce

Kalamata Olives

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