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Pork Fried Rice, with Egg Ribbons and Crystallized Ginger.

If you have some leftover rice from last night, and you saved a small batch of cooked pork form your pork taco night, in your freezer. This is a quick and so easy recipe. I had both. I cook, what can I say. Just save a small bit of this or that in the freezer, and you can whip something up a whole lot easier, on yourself. I cooked the veggies first in some soy sauce, sesme oil and chili oil and then added the rice.

I browned the pork in a tiny bit of chili oil until somewhat crisp. ( separate pans, this can be all veggie if you want). It was for me.

At the end I put 1 small handful of Crystallized Ginger with the rice, and I am so glad I did. It added a somewhat sweet and spicy bite. Loved it! I whipped up 2 eggs, salt and pepper and cooked them on a flat pan without turning, just until cooked. Rolled it up and sliced the egg roll into ribbons. You can add them in the rice or put on top like I did. I piled the pork on Chuck's just the way he likes it. Really he doesn't care where it is, on the rice or in the rice, just as long as it's there. I think this is on our diet. Not sure.

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