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Pork Flautas on the Beach

It's a beach party, we like to have one, once a month. This time of year they are small, many of the snow birds have gone home and us locals are left to enjoy the sunset on our own. Our friend Floyd makes a beautiful fire for us, but no one sits close to it because it's so hot out. It's for ambiance. I made Pork Flautas to take to the beach. I had some pork left over in the freezer, so I made these up in less than 30 minutes.

Messy but good. My salsa got a little tilted.

Beautiful to look at from afar. It's hot out.


Roll up with the seam side down, no need of a tooth pick.

Fry in just a small amount of oil until brown, I put a little sprinkling of salt on top right out of the oil.

Easy pan to put in the trash, makes my life easier at the end of the night.

This is the same recipe I used in my Chicken Flautas but these are pork. I put a small pork roast in my Crock pot and added I can or jar of Green Chile Salsa. That's it!! Cook for 3 or 4 hr. and use in so many ways. #!Flaunting-my-Flautas/cmbz/55db59e00cf2c40728608146 this is the recipe.

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