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Jalapeño and Cheese Corn Bread

The skillet was still out from the skillet french bread and I wanted corn bread. I have been craving it since I brought some corn meal back from California. I made some mustard greens and I just wanted corn bread with them. You know I love spice, so jalapeños had to go in and Chuck also wanted to add cheese. I went to this farm in town where a man is growing the most beautiful vegetables in shade houses. You walk in and say, I would like that lettuce and he cuts it right in front of you. Can't get any fresher than that. So I got green onions, I added them to the corn bread also got Arugula and gorgeous basil and tomatoes, that I will use in my salad. Enjoy the bread.

This recipe is the one on the box of Albers Corn Meal. I just added 1 cup of cheese and 4 small green onions chopped and 1/2 of red and 1/2 of green jalapeño. Mix it all together.

And of course there is butter melting on top.

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