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My big fat Chocolate Bunt Cake

I love this Chocolate Cake, it never fails me. It fills the pan and is so dense with great flavor. It has 1 and 1/4 cups of coffee in it. You really can't taste the coffee but it sure adds depth of flavor. Did I say depth of flavor? Man I must be reading to many food stories, blogs and recipes. Let me just say this, it's good it's dam good. My only question is, does this cake make two 8" rounds, so I can make a classic birthday cake out of it. Hey I don't know everything, even at my age.

This lovely recipe is from Joythebaker ( )

I didn't use her glaze, I lost my recipe for a great glaze, so I used one I will not recommend. So try Joythebakers glaze it looks good. Please go to her site for the recipe because it's kinda long. But not hard. Your gonna love this one.

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