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Butterfinger Cookies

Are you kidding me, they had me at Butterfinger. My favorite candy bar. I just used the recipe on the back of the package of Butterfinger Bits. It was supper easy and so so tasty. I am in the middle of making a goodie tray for my friend Heidi for her baby shower. So far I have frozen Butter Toffee Cookies, the best Lemon Bars with almond shortbread crust and now these beauties. I'll let you know how they freeze. I already know the Lemon Bars freeze well, we eat them frozen here in the heat of the jungle. And the Butter Toffee cookies freeze great, I know because I keep eating them to.

I was surprised to see nice big chunks of Butterfinger in the bag. I did buy the bag in California not here, sorry. I always bring back something new for baking here in Costa Rica.

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