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It's not always about food

Of course it's not always about food. We are living our dream in this beautiful lush place. It's the beginning of the rainy season here in the jungle and everything is coming alive. It's always pretty hot out so the rain does not stop us form going anywhere. We do need to get out of the house and we do. The beach is close by so we head to the beach to see a sunset, I have never seen an ugly sunset so it's always beautiful even if the sun is behind the clouds. The clouds always make a more awesome sunset for me. My camera is still trying to capture what I see. I guess it will learn eventually. Now, the river is a very unique place and it is always changing. And yes sometimes we get to see Crocodiles. And they are huge. Later in the rainy season we even have them very close to our house. Every ditch or trench will be full of water and they find their way in, not sure how. But they do. I keep my eyes open when I go for a walk, I don't want to lose a foot.

Friday at Olga's

Beach,Costa Rica

This is Olga's, cold beer and a beautiful sunset

Saturday at Pelada

Saturday night down by the river, where the River meets the Ocean

Flowers at my house on Sunday

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